The mission of Star-C Programs is to reduce resident transiency in affordable housing communities and nearby schools, provide academic support for children and ultimately improve the quality of life for the individual and the neighborhood.


Tackling the Education & Housing Crisis For Good!

The weight on many low-income Americans is great. Since 1998, the leadership at Star-C has provided affordable housing so this population has a decent, sustainable place to live. We recognize families and communities need good schools and less transiency to thrive, so we’ve initiated wrap-around services offered at little or no cost to help impact a resident’s outcome and quality of life.

How Important Is Transiency?

One of the biggest determinants of an under-performing school is transiency—the movement of a student out of a set learning environment after only a short period of time—and one of the biggest transiency factors is the lack of affordable housing.

 Every time a student moves, they lose 3 months out of a 9 month school calendar. That’s milestone learning they cannot afford to miss. Once they fall behind, they rarely make it up.