What is the Eviction Relief Fund?


What is the Eviction Relief Fund?

A rent matching scholarship that helps qualified residents timely pay their rent and continue to raise their children in their same school. The program is administered through landlords that operate apartments at rents below 80% AMI (Area Medium Income) in target school districts. The landlords pre-screen and nominate their tenants for this program.

How do I apply for rent assistance?

Tenants will submit their application to their landlord for review and certification. Star-C will not accept applications directly from tenants.  

How can my apartment complex sign up?

The Landlord must apply and be approved to participate in the program. They will complete the landlord Agreement form and W9 first. We let the Landlord know they have been accepted. They will then submit certified tenants to Star-C for processing. 

What area does Star-C assist?

Star-C’s ERF program assist the Greater metro Atlanta. (70%  up to $1500 or $3200 depending on the county).  

Where does the funding come from?

CARES ACT funding admiration, municipal partner foundations, and individual donations from the Star-C Eviction Relief GoFundMe  

Are children required to get assistance?


What if my landlord does not want to sign up?

Reach out to us to discuss other options, 404-698-3781.

Can I live in a house. Can I get mortgage assistance?

No. Currently mortgage assistance is not available through Star-C.  

What is proof of hardship?

An example of proof of hardship would include things like doctor’s letter for medical hardships and or evidence of financial hardship such as furlough, termination papers or unemployment application 

How will I know if I am going to get rent assistance?

A Star-C team member will notify your property management about  the approval of your application, and your property will then reach out to you. 

Is this fund only for people in Georgia?

Yes this fund is currently only available in Georgia. 

Do you provide assistance with houses/duplexes/condos?

 We only provide assistance with affordable apartment communities located near high-need/low-performing schools. 


How long does it take to get funding?

We endeavor to process applications within 10 business days from receipt.  Applications can be processed more quickly if they are fully completed with all relevant documentation attached. 

How much assistance do you provide?

Star-C will cover up to 70% of the rent due for up to two months.  This equates to a maximum of $840 per month for up to two months. Maximum Relief Scholarship: up to a total of $1,500/$3,200 depending on county and funding availability. Some funds are restricted for COVID-related hardships. 

Do we assist tenants who live in assisted living facilities?

Senior living is not a part of our program, these properties follow other guidelines and restrictions for their tenants. 


How does the program payout?

The property will receive a check for the approved tenant.  

As a tenant, can I send my application directly to you?

Star-C will not accept applications directly from tenant. The Landlord must apply and be approved to participate in the program, tenants will submit their application to their landlord for review and certification, and the landlord will submit certified tenants to Star-C for processing. 

What documents should I send along with my application?

For easy review of applications must send in complete documentation.      First the Landlord W-9 and Landlord agreement, once property is approved the tenant application, tenant updated ledger with the late fees and landlord 10% applied and the tenant proof of hardship. 

How are the ERF apartments selected?

The apartment community would need to be within the HUD guidelines, be within the affordable rent regulations and be surrounded by target schools. (you can check your school ranging on this link https://www.schooldigger.com/)