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Attention Cobb County Residents!  If you are living in an extended stay hotel in Cobb County and need help transitioning into an apartment of your own in Cobb County, Star-C may be able to help.  If you are approved to lease at a qualifying apartment community in Cobb County, we can provide the security deposit and first month’s rent, up to a total of $3,000. To qualify, the apartment community must maintain affordable rents (2 bedroom should not exceed $1654).

To receive assistance through this program the following requirements must be met.

  • The prospective tenant must be approved to lease on their own; Star-C does not co-sign, subsidize or sublease.  Please tell your prospective landlord (leasing agent/property manager) about our program to be sure that they will accept our assistance.
  • The prospective tenant will need to fill out the extended Stay Motel to Home application below.
  • The prospective tenant will need to provide a photo copy of their ID.
  • The prospective tenant must provide Cobb County Extended Stay hotel receipts for at least 14-30 days.
  • The prospective landlord (leasing agent/property manager) will need to fill out the landlord W-9 application below.
  • The prospective landlord (leasing agent/property manager) will need to provide proof of your lease approval, with move-in date and amount due for security deposit and rent. Checks are issued to the property and will be sent to the property manager.

Please submit all information above to us at



For Any Questions Please Contact Us By:

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