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Barbara Guillory 

Founder of Star-C Programs 

Level Blend Consulting

Terry Kidder 

​Audrea Rease 

​Kathleen Boring 

1201 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 1110
Atlanta,Georgia 30361 
(404) 698-3535

Cobb County Goverment  


Me Too.

Community Development   

Frank Wickstead


LME Art & Design

Drew Plant  

Managing Partner   

​Executive Director 


Developer Director  

CPA, Partner 

Brian Bollinger 



Plant Communication, LLC

Friends of Refugees

Michael Murphy 

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Community Leader 


Meet the Leadership  

Lianne Epstein 

Duncan Gibbs 

Boring Creative Inc. 

Chairman's Assistant for special projects 

Windham Brannon 

Dani Ayers  

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Courtney English

Matt Levin 

TriStar Real Estate


Atlantica Properties

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Managing Partner 

Jones Pierce Structures  

Darion Dunn 

 Executive Director 

Margaret Stagmeier

Jon Rosenthal  

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