About Us

Star-C is an Atlanta nonprofit organization, founded in 2014, with a mission to reduce transiency in apartment communities near high-need schools. The organization partners with conscientious landlords who are committed to providing well-maintained, affordable housing for working families, many who live near the poverty line. Star-C supports these apartment communities by providing free after-school and summer programs for elementary students, access to healthcare and wellness services, and food security programs ranging from healthy lunches and snacks to establishing community gardens. Star-C also provides eviction relief for qualified residents through a scholarship program. The combination of stable rent, eviction relief, and wraparound services results in thriving communities of families.

Star-C Success Story

The idea is simple:

If communities are going to succeed, the local schools have to succeed, too. This happens when the residents of a community are supported and transiency rates are reduced.

By partnering with conscientious landlords of affordable housing communities, Star-C programs help stabilize under-served communities, so kids perform better academically and achievement gaps are narrowed at school.